Digital Marketing Definitions – A

Digital marketing and thus the digital marketing terminology and digital marketing definitions are constantly changing.

This is a page of key digital marketing terms and definitions beginning with the letter A.

A Terms

Above the Fold – This term refers back to days of print newspapers where the primary or leading story was positioned above the horizontal fold across the newspaper – this was prime placement because of how newspapers were stacked and delivered and guaranteed it was the first item seen; in web terms, it means copy or images that appear on a page before the user needs to scroll

Analytics– A highly useful tool when developing your business through social media as it allows you to gain a better understanding of your audience. Each social media platform has their own form of analytics (some more detailed than others) as well as the most known – Google analytics, which is ideal for a more in depth analysis of your website.

Automation –  Automation Tools, usually software, are tools that help you with streamlining tactics, workflows and measurement of marketing, to save time and money. Automation tools are often behavior-based to trigger other actions, instead of you manually sending emails one-by-one after you learn of an action or intent. Many marketing automation systems deal heavily with email marketing, but others incorporate social media and other website actions.

Automation is also about the planning and strategy of designing marketing workflows so that they CAN be automated to degrees. Automation tools are often directed at large SME or Corporate companies with larger budgets.

Marketo Marketing Automation Softwaree.g. your system automatically sends emails based on certain activity on certain pages of your website, or the system automatically sends one set of email messages to new list subscribers, another set to those who read a certain ebook, and another set to those who purchased a particular product.

Automation tools/software:  Pardot, Silverpop, Marketo, Act-on, HubSpot, Buffer, Hootsuite

Audience – Also known as “target market,” your audience is the group of people you’re trying to reach with your message. This is usually broader than just your customers, and includes other prospective buyers.
To market effectively, you need to know who your audience is. Otherwise, how can you appeal to them?
You can use social listening to learn more about your target audience. Social media platforms provide neat character snapshots of their users. This information gives marketers a clear picture of the kinds of people interested in their products.
Social listening also fuels your content strategy. Find common pain points for social users, and provide information to solve their problems.

Autoresponder – Part of an email service that allows you to send out pre-scheduled messages to your email list, often in a series of emails. You decide the order and the frequency, they send automatically based on a trigger event (e.g. signing up for your email list triggers 1st email at day 1, another a week later, a third a week after that – no matter when someone signs up). Autoresponders are usually a paid feature of an email marketing service.

Email marketing term autoresponder example

Awareness – The degree to which a person can easily recognize and identify (unprompted) an organisation or brand and link it to the products or services that it offers, to its marketing campaigns and/or to its tagline or slogan; sometimes referred to as ‘top of mind awareness’, or ‘brand awareness.’

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