Digital Marketing Definitions – G

Digital marketing and thus the digital marketing terminology and digital marketing definitions are constantly changing.

This is a page of key digital marketing terms and definitions beginning with the letter G.

G Terms

Geotargeting – A way of detecting a website visitor’s location and using that info to serve targeted, location-specific messages, ads, coupons or content

e.g. Apple’s iBeacons giving info + CTA, ‘location aware’ connection to user’s mobile device;  mobile advertisers using GPS in smartphones along with apps (e.g. MLB’s Ballpark app lets you ‘check-in’ when physically present at a stadium, verified by GPS, and be sent coupons for team-specific merchandise, or codes for food at that ballpark; an iBeacon attached to a statue outside library or museum tells who statue is of + directs inside for more info, check out books on subject of statue)

Goal – Concrete, specific, short term measurement of desired achievement; what you are pursuing in order to meet an objective

  • increase in-person attendance at story hours by 10% vs. same time year ago
  • increase library card sign-up among 18-24yr olds by 20%
  • increase summer reading participation by 20%
  • increase circulation and use of materials by 10% among current library card holders and regular users

Google – When you hear Search Engine, which empire do you automatically think of? Whilst they might be the most popular search engine, they also offer some helpful tools such as analytics and Google Calendar, ideal for keeping you organised with your social media posts and reviewing their success.

Guerilla Marketing – A marketing tactic or technique considered to be ‘unconventional’, usually a low cost initiative designed for maximum impact / results for minimum effort / resources.

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