Digital Marketing Definitions – J

Digital marketing and thus the digital marketing terminology and digital marketing definitions are constantly changing.

This is a page of key digital marketing terms and definitions beginning with the letter J.

J Terms

Jacking – “Jacking” means to use something to your own advantage. The word comes from “hijacking,” and includes practices such as memejacking, pagejacking, or newsjacking.
For example, memejacking means using an internet meme’s popularity to boost your own marketing message. HubSpot says this is “a great way to create some fun, engaging content that shows off your brand’s personality and likeability.”
Memejacking is a popular digital marketing tactic
Then there’s newsjacking. Piggy-back off trending topics to make your content easier to find. And people are more likely to share newsworthy content.

Jacking can also have negative connotations. Practices like pagejacking and clickjacking are common hacks used to drive large numbers of undeserved traffic to a website.
Another example is launch jacking. When people hear a new product’s about to launch, they buy URLs and quickly produce content associated with it. Because they are early to these keywords, their pages rank highly on Google, and they get a lot of traffic.
Imagine if Apple, Snapple, and Scrabble teamed up to create “Apple Snapple Scrabble.” You quickly buy, and write a review. If you’re early enough and you’ve optimised your page, you could rank in the top 10.
Suppose you’re a competitor and the review is actually negative. You conclude that “Apple Snapple Scrabble” is a waste of time, and you direct people to a better product, “PokéMonopoly.” You’ve just launch jacked another product to promote your own.

Jargon – That language, set of terms, acronyms, created words and more that are special and specific to a profession, niche, trade or group. Words that members of the group know and understand (or they come to know), but which are confusing to the ordinary public or non-members. These are often technical terms, industry-specific words, or words whose meaning is different for the ingroup vs. others.  Libraries and librarianship have TONS of jargon terms – let’s be really careful about what we say or how we describe our products or services with words that don’t have the same meaning, weight, accessibility or understanding with our patrons and users.

Join– Joining more social media platforms or groups can help you promote your business and communicate with a wider range of people. Remember to engage!

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