Digital Marketing Definitions – N

Digital marketing and thus the digital marketing terminology and digital marketing definitions are constantly changing.

This is a page of key digital marketing terms and definitions beginning with the letter N.

N Terms

Newsjacking – Piggy-backing on, or taking advantage of, a breaking news event or hot item / trend in a news cycle (overall or in your given industry, niche, field, local market) to insert your brand / organisation into the news stream. Requires fast action and treading carefully to not negatively affect brand.

Newsletter – Either printed or online via email, a digest or collection of organisational news, tips or noteworthy info to share with a specific audience; newsletters can be free, paid, available to the public or to a limited membership / audience; generally a quicker production and distribution than a magazine, less formal than a newspaper, different from a blog post.

Want to see an example?

IntelliCraft Research marketing insights newsletter example

IntelliCraft Research marketing insights newsletter example (click above to join!).

Niche – Specialisation, segmentation or subset of an overall market or audience; a small, specific, well-defined portion of the total population; marketers create niches by using research to find the needs or wants that are not being addressed or met by other brands or organisations and developing a way to identify similar members of that niche and deliver their goods or services to them; ‘a big fish in a small pond’ strategy.

NoFollow – A website and SEO related term; it tells SEs (search engines) NOT to count that link or pass on its ‘trust’ factors to the destination URL By not passing on ‘credit’ or ‘trust’ you can avoid associations with potentially spammy sites, sites with questionable content (but that you might still have a good reason to link to, or show as an example of something), or to not run afoul of certain webmaster guidelines.

e.g., for site owners that do not want to give full “follow” credit to links posted by users in their forums or blog comments; e.g. you need to show an example of a ‘what not to do’ and link goes to a questionable site, which you don’t want affecting your rankings or SEO.

Nonprofit Marketing – Marketing of a product, service, cause for which overall goal is not to make a monetary profit for the organisation / marketer; may include promoting or selling goods or services to support organisation, but profit is not primary; often includes same marketing mix, channels or tactics as for-profit marketers.

Cause or Nonprofit Marketing Matrix

Notifications – Notifications are alerts about your online activities. These alerts could be anything from a new follower to a direct message. You can manage which applications provide you with particular notifications through the platform preference settings.

Nurturing – When we talked about the funnel (above), we said that blockages can occur. People enter the funnel, but if they don’t get the attention they require, they leave without buying. This is why marketers “nurture” leads through the funnel.
Lead generation is now about “initiating and maintaining a relationship that leads the buyer to the best choice (i.e., your platform).”
We used to want to create one perfect interaction where the prospect would become a customer immediately. These days, people shop around – 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to buy. We need to nurture them through the funnel.
One key tool for nurturing leads is content.

  • Create specific content for each stage of the funnel
  • Include calls-to-action to direct leads to the next stage
  • Present “content upgrades” – natural follow-up content for people who liked the content
  • Use effective email marketing after publishing content
  • Retarget to leads who showed interest but didn’t buy

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