Digital Marketing Definitions – P

Digital marketing and thus the digital marketing terminology and digital marketing definitions are constantly changing.

This is a page of key digital marketing terms and definitions beginning with the letter P.

P Terms

Paid-ads– simply when a business pays for an ad space on a social media platform to promote their business/service in the hope that it generates business. You can tailor adverts to certain demographics including location, interests and age bracket. Prices vary depending on your desired level of reach.

Personas – Avatars or ‘people types’, a collection of demographics, psychographics and attributes to describe some subgroup, particularly of your target audience / marketing; e.g. the particular collection of gender, age, salary level, education, leisure activities, family status and other definable behaviours that make up your ideal customer; use to focus your messages to the correct audience, to help segment and select media channels.

marketing build buyer user persona

Positioning – How you want your organisation, brand or product to be perceived in the market relative to your competitors and alternative options in your key users / customers minds.

Power Words – Emotionally-charged words or phrases. Often used to set a scene, create a mental image, inspire, persuade or influence a reader.

There are positive and negative power words. Be careful not to overuse the negative ones.

Example power words for marketing:  agony, attention, eager, frantic, maximise, mind-blowing, survival, struggle, fooled, vulnerable, amazing, eye-opening, spectacular, delight, bargain, jackpot, proven, and guaranteed.

Profiles – Your business or personal profile is where people can see everything that you share about yourself or your business. For example, how many people follow or like your page, what your business is about or where you are located.

Promotion – Can have several meanings in marketing; 1) in the classic 4 Ps model and marketing mix, promotion techniques include advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations as ways to achieve specific marketing goals; 2) a type of advertising or communication that offers a special price, sale, discount, temporary change in price, new season, limited-time availability of goods or services, new product / service debut – the key is that this is limited in duration and different from ‘every day’ communication about the organisation, brand, product or service.

Psychographics – Attributes based on consumer behaviours, values, lifestyles or interests, not personal info; organisations can (and should) segment a market or target based on lifestyles or psychographic information for better results.

Four P’s of Marketing (or 7 P’s of Marketing)

4 P’s of Marketing: Product (or Service), Price, Place (i.e. distribution), Promotion


The item / service that satisfies a customer / user demand and all its features and benefits


What customer / user exchanges for the product – setting or changing price is part of overall business and marketing strategy; for nonprofits this might include a membership fee, prices on items sold for fundraising, the time or resources given up in exchange for a service, the action requested by a cause, the other ‘costs’ for using a service or attending an event (e.g. hard to get transportation to the library or an event, so ‘cost’ too high to attend).


How and where the user / customer gets the product; marketing via changes in Place might include adding a new location, increasing hours, adding a store at a seasonal location, taking services to community, live-streaming an in-person event or changing your website, adding a donation button online.


The methods (channels) of communication to a user/customer about the product and its price and place (i.e. tactics; advertising, public relations, sales, sales promotions, etc.).

7 P’s of Marketing – Some marketing experts and teachers have expanded this to more Ps and to cover services and service-based organisations:


(That service was performed or delivered),


(The employees delivering the service and way they do so),


(Systems that affect delivering service).

The 7Ps of Marketing; the Marketing Mix components

The 7Ps of Marketing; the Marketing Mix components

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