Digital Marketing Definitions – R

Digital marketing and thus the digital marketing terminology and digital marketing definitions are constantly changing.

This is a page of key digital marketing terms and definitions beginning with the letter R.

R Terms

Rate Card – Document or information detailing the prices for paid ad placement options in a publication

American Libraries magazine paid advertising rate card

Reach – The number of people or households exposed to a particular piece of paid advertising or media during a specific time period; reach is often given as a % of the total number of people in an audience, target market or geographic area.

Reddit – Reddit is a social bookmarking site that calls itself “the front page of the internet.” Users share links to their favorite content and have detailed discussions.
It’s well-known for being a difficult marketing space. Simply taking an existing campaign and slapping it into a subreddit is a recipe for disaster. Many marketers simply stay away.
This makes Reddit fertile ground. Its potential reach is enormous, and it’s not flooded with advertising.
You can post content you have written yourself, and even products you are selling. Posts need to be:

  • In the right place. Get the subreddit right.
  • Interesting.
  • Timely. Old news is no good.
  • Original. It needs to be the first time this content has been posted on Reddit.

There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to exposing sneaky marketing on the site. Not only will innapropriate content not see clickthroughs, it’ll tarnish your brand’s image.

Relationship Marketing – Marketing designed to develop, manage and maintain long-term, trust-built relationships with users / customers, suppliers, distributors and others in the marketing cycle; often makes use of automation, social media and tools like CRM software or loyalty programs.

Response – When responding to messages, queries or comments timing is key. The faster the response time the more the user experience improves. This is particularly true on Facebook, as response times on Facebook pages are shown to those that visit specific pages, therefore the more efficient, the better.

Responsive Web Design – Websites or website themes that automatically adjust to fit any device – from desktop to smartphone – and show content in way optimised for the device a visitor / viewer is using. The user experience should be seamless and not require adjustment from them to view / interact with content or navigation. Responsive web design has become a standard requirement.

If you can’t use or create a responsive web design, you need to consider a separate mobile website or app so your users can optimally view and use your site on a variety of devices.

Return on Investment (ROI) – Benefit to organisation from investing in a particular resource or action; a high ROI means you gain more than the action cost in terms of time, manpower, money; marketing ROI is often the contribution attributed to marketing divided by marketing costs or investment; e.g. if you invested £100 an you earned back £150 or its equivalent, your ROI is 50%.

Retweet– An easy way to stay active on Twitter by sharing someone else’s Tweet, which would then appear in your own feed. It is also a good way to build relationships with other users as it shows engagement. You can also add your own thoughts on that specific Tweet to build your profile.

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