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Latest figures released from the Food & Drink Industry in Wales…

The latest industry figures reveal a record turnover figure of £7.473 billion for Wales’ food and drink sector in 2019, surpassing the ambitious target set in 2014 to achieve 30% growth and reach £7billion of sales by 2020. In 2018, 73% of all Welsh food and drink exports went to the European Union.

Wales’ drinks market made a significant contribution to that figure with a turnover of £902 million in the last year – representing a growth of 35% in the sector since 2014.

The industry is made up of a diverse range of producers of varying scale and ambitions, ranging from high profile award winning brands to small-scale artisan producers selling in local pubs and direct to consumers at food festivals and other events.

During a visit to Aber Falls Whisky distillery, Lesley Griffiths raised a glass to the success of North Wales drinks companies and spoke of her hopes for the future of the sector in a post-EU world.

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