Case Studies

Successful Marketing case studies

Creditsafe Business Solutions Key Accounts Department

I grew a 7 Man telesales team from £300,00 new business revenue to a 17 person department with a 1.7million new business target and 4million in the renewals pot, and a 120% growth rate.

Creditsafe Reseller & Affiliate Channel

I managed the Creditsafe Reseller Channel for 10 years and totally controlled the UK reseller market dealing with over 50 wholesale reseller customers around the UK.

Introbiz UK Ltd

I have worked with Introbiz UK Ltd for 6 years and helped them with sales and marketing consultancy to improve their turnover and profit.  I have also provided regular social media consultancy, training and services to see them go from not really using social media, to dominating the social media space for networking and expos in Wales.

Creditserve Solutions Ltd

I project managed a website upgrade project for £60,000 and turned a 5 page brochure website into a 180 Ecommerce website which paid for itself in the first year with the extra revenues achieved.  I personally wrote all 180 pages of content.  They went from a world rank of 1,000,000 to 100,000 and started to appear on to the first page of Google for lots of products and started selling Internationally around the world.

The Business Protection Company

I have worked with The Business Protection Company to help them implement many new marketing channels  in order for them to grow their startup business!

Things To Do In Ltd

I have helped the Things To Do In Ltd Franchise business to expand their business from England in to Wales and helped them to implement a number of marketing strategies for them to quickly grow their business advertising business.

I Am Woman

I worked with I Am Women and taught a technophobe how to update their own website so that they could add their own monthly events to the site saving £15k per year in employing someone else to do that job.

Local Link

I have provide growth consultancy to a local advertising sales business  in order to help them become more structured and to increase their features to help grow their revenues.

Business Wales Mentor

I have been a Business Wales Mentor since Summer 2018 and am currently working with a number of online business helping them to grow through the implementation of proven growth marketing techniques and strategies.


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