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The #10xuktour In London, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 featuring @GrantCardone & Co.

The 10xUKTour, a Grant Cardone Entrepreneur Training Event put on by PMW & Thrive Assets In London on Friday and Saturday, at the 02 Intercontinental Hotel, was awesome! 👌

It was great to see so many UK and European Entrepreneurs all in one room, all there as they wanted to learn from a Sales & Marketing master and uncle GC didn’t let anyone down!

Grant Cardone In London, UK

The Leading US Sales Trainer and Marketing Entrepreneur gave the audience of approx 2,000, lots of great sales & marketing advice as well as great investment advice about what to do with your money once you have made it!

The top US Sales & Marketing Trainer and Business Entrepreneur was joined by many other top Entrepreneurs including his Wife Elena Cardone as well as the people responsible for bringing Grant Cardone to the UK for the #10xUKTour 🇬🇧, Paul McFadden and Billy Farrell from PMW, Matt Soltys from Thrive Assets, Mark Wright from Climb Online and the Apprentice TV series and our very own leading Welsh Entrepreneurs, Paul & Tracey from Introbiz.

Former Apprentice Winner & Current ClimbOnline Managing Director Mark Wright at the 10x UK Tour 🇬🇧

Mark Wright hosted and competed the two day business seminar and entrepreneur event and done a magnificent job. As well as sharing his insights on business, the apprentice, working with Lord Sugar and building a successful, post Apprentice, business. Mark Wright also shared lots of useful digital marketing tips and advice.

This included using schedulers for social scheduling, implementing chatbots in your business, doing lots of social media marketing, especially video marketing on Youtube and “Lives” on Facebook and more importantly these days Instagram.

Billy Farrell from Paul McFadden Wealth (PMW)

Day one also witnessed a great inspiring speech by Billy Farrell from Event hosts PMW about how he turned his life around from a dark spot in his younger days to where he is now.

There was no mistaking who was star of the show though as Uncle GC delivered the majority of the content over the two days, starting of in the morning of day one, on finances and trying to get people to break down the limiting mindsets that stop people from being successful.

Grant Cardone then finished off day one with his tips, advice and training on marketing, and how to get noticed – #HEY!

Grant demonstrated “going lives” and other real time Social Media post and gave great insights like having a great content strategy, “Quantity over Quality” and being an all platforms (advice I too subscribe to and give to others as well)!

Day two kicked off with Mark Wright interviewing one of the Stars of the show Elena Cardone…

Elena gave some great advice on being an Entrepreneurs Wife, an Entrepreneurial mum and an amazing women!

She also talk about her new book which Grant helped her to finish, with the encouragement that she was being “lazy and cowardly” when she struggled to complete the book part way through.

Elena Cardone also discussed and inspired the audience on topics such as supporting an Entrepreneur to achieve rather than putting pressure or the breaks on, and using hired help to do the mundane tasks that need to be completed, so that time can be better invested in work or family time.

From the sounds of its description, during the chat, I would highly recommend Entrepreneurs and the women married to Entrepreneurs to buy and read her book! 📚

Paul McFadden of Paul McFadden Wealth (PMW)…

Day 2 saw one of the hosts Paul McFadden from PMW give an inspiring and knowledgeable talk on investing in the property business and how to start off making introducer deals, rather than building your own property portfolio until you get to understand the property world better,something that can be achieved without any wealth to begin with.

The softly spoken but highly engaging Scottish Property Entrepreneur explained how he could help people follow in his property wealth building footsteps by engaging with him in his property training courses.

Grant Cardone’s sales training…

The 2day 10x UK Tour 🇬🇧 event for Business Entrepreneurs finished off with more from Uncle G, where he went more in depth on sales routines and practices to follow in order to become a better sales person and business entrepreneur.

Although Grant Cardone sold a number of times throughout the event it was not the typical “Sales Event” to get people in to a room in order to sell you something and the sales & marketing tips and advice were genuine and delivered by a genuine and authentic master of the art of getting noticed (marketing) and getting business (selling)!

“All in all this was a great event for Entrepreneurs…”

Serena, the unexpected star of the show 🌟

There was one unexpected star of the show that needed a special mention and that was Serena.

Serena managed to hustle the room for £450 by running 18 laps of the venue, taking over from another lad who was promised £100 if he done 20 laps but gave up after only two very exhausting laps.

Serena boldly stepped in to complete the task and did so to a rapturous applause 👏 and the rapid donation of various paper bills in a variety of denominations which was later accrued to be worth £450.

Serena was letter shown a valuable business lesson when having to split her win fall with the young lad who introduced the deal in the first place, and the house “who always gets its cut” but still it was a great windfall for the budding Entrepreneur.

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Some highlights from the @GrantCardone #10xUKTour In London, UK 🇬🇧…

The 10xUKTour, a Grant Cardone Entrepreneur Training Event put on by PMW & Thrive Assets In London on Friday and Saturday, at the 02 Intercontinental Hotel, was awesome! 👌 It was great to see so many UK and European Entrepreneurs all in one room, all there as they wanted to learn from a Sales & […]