Welsh Tourism Advertising Online

We can create a keyword, picture and written basic, standard or premium tourism advertising listing for your tourism business to be found at the top of the search engine for what you do in your area, as well as being found by the Tourism Wales searchers and being seen by the #TourismWales searchers and followers on our connected social media platforms (@tourism_wales on Twitter, @WelshBiz on Instagram & Tourism Wales & Welsh Biz page on Facebook), which goes out to tens of thousands of searchers and people per week.

Our Tourism Business Advertising Listings are either £99, £149 or £499 per year.

We also offer Banner Advertising, on the website from £50pm to £100pm depending on location and size of banner placement etc.

For more info, or to agree and set up a tourism business listing and/or advertising campaign please contact: 07960 872549 or email: maconsultancy1@gmail.com or sign up online at www.tourism.wales